Science of Immortality Within Sight

A new heart and liver grown with your own cells bolstered with a new subscription of anti-ageing drugs. Is this the future must-have 70th birthday present for the wealthy? Imagine celebrating Seventy in style by running a 10 km race followed by chugging a pitcher of beer like you were 19 again.

This reality could be within sight. The science of aging and anti senescence has grown exponentially in the last decade, with rising life expectancies mirroring these medical advances.

The world of immortality may not yet be on offer but certainly scientists are in touching distance of expanding life expectancy well into the 120’s.

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2 thoughts on “Science of Immortality Within Sight

  1. Couple with the novel advances in life-extension technologies with the transhumanist movement and one could reasonably argue that the human species will extirpate itself, given that socioeconomic status isn’t a factor dictating whether you can access said technologies.:)


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