Why You Must Take Massive Risks in Your 20’s

In this short, inspiring video Gary Vaynerchuck discusses why it’s necessary for young people to take a chance on life and persue their dreams and ambitions while they can in their 20’s.

Drawing on the fact that young people tend to have little life commitments in terms of mortgages, bills or children, he urges youth to live fearlessly, boldly and carve the career path they truly desire.


Published by

Conor Boyle

Law graduate Trinity College Dublin 2017; Editorial & Marketing at Intelligence Squared. All views expressed here are my own! If you'd like to write for The Conversation Room email: boylec4@tcd.ie

One thought on “Why You Must Take Massive Risks in Your 20’s”

  1. I’m not as extreme as the speaker, but as a college professor and academic advisor, I do advise my students to pursue what they want most because they are at a time of life when doing so is an affordable risk. Well-educated people with good work ethics have a tendency to get “lucky” because they are prepared to recognize and take the opportunities that present themselves. Also, many students do not realize how many opportunities they could have to change careers later on.


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