The Difference Between Gratification & Happiness: We’ve Known Since 341 BC

Epicureanism is said to be a philosophy of pleasure seeking.

Not in a capitalist sense of “treating oneself” by purchasing instant high in disregard of long term low, Be it through Sugar, alcohol or drugs. Climax is said to be an unsustainable and long term potentially destructive means of pleasure seeking. Real happiness is a state of being in which free expression, feelings of achievement and contribution can lead to the highest form of pleasure – fulfilment.

This short clip explains some of Epicurus’s finding on the importance of friendship. And also provides some interesting nuances to the notion that money and products can provide pleasure.


  1. Very nice. I must have read the wrong pamphlet on Epicurus. lol. Oh wait! Here, on the back in font 4 it says, “All Rights Reserved. The Church.”

    I guess we know how that argument ended. I’ve heard some quite educated folk say with derision, “Oh how epicurean of them!” *snicker*

    Thanks for this. Great video. Awesome information.

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  2. I’ve heard it said that try happiness comes from having experiences, not material items, and I believe that’s true.

    Beyond getting your basic needs met, having more things is an endless cycle of getting accustomed to your lifestyle then wanting more.


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