The Necessity Of New Ideas

The clock is ticking. Welfare economics has eroded in the West as Multinational Companies have taken full advantage of globalisation and far surpassed the wealth of many democratic States. Conflict & economic insecurity have fuelled the largest mass migration crisis in history. But the question, is this simply the natural consequence of our global economic system?

Why do we look at issues of war/economy/migration/climate change in isolation? Could it be that they are all connected to, and symptomatic of, the larger neoliberal global order?

Do we have to describe Countries as either “developing” or “developed” – Why are we all  on the same path to becoming urban concrete jungles of Starbucks & skyscrapers?

Is there perhaps a different path we can walk to eliminate poverty without selling our environment and democracy to private industry?

These are some interesting and important questions the world desperately needs some answers to. This video provides some provocative stoking for the fire.

3 thoughts on “The Necessity Of New Ideas

  1. My thoughts?

    Envy. Yes. Be envious of my Starbucks coffee at the morning meeting. Seriously though, he’s right. I wrote somewhere in my blog or book that “the wheels of capitalism aren’t greased with common sense”, Envy keeps it going pretty well.

    I don’t buy the whole Socialist only approach though. I think Europe and Britain have found a comfortable middle ground. The US’s problem is that we are too big and divided to ever institute similar European mixed systems from sea to shining sea.

    That would involve giving states more autonomy. *ahem* Waiting for that video. :-/


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