Do Millennials Confuse “Clicktivism” with Real Activism?

In this short clip of Intelligence Squared’s debate “Millennials Don’t Stand A Chance” the speakers discuss the modern generations attitude to activism.

If Martin Luther King was marching in 2016 would thousands of people click attending on Facebook only not to show up on the day? Has the Millennial generation become more naive by social media or do they have the same traits as previous generations only magnified and documented in an online medium?

4 thoughts on “Do Millennials Confuse “Clicktivism” with Real Activism?

  1. I’m not a millennial, so I won’t speak for y’all. But, one would assume that the prevalence of information and immediacy with which it can be delivered to the masses via social media that activism could be highly participated in. Aside from the protests over police shootings though, I don’t see anything near what the Civil Rights Movement did. Not a criticism mind you, just an observation.

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  2. In defense of the millennials (can’t believe I’m doing this…) but I think Facebook is an oldster hang out now. lol. I would need to see the demographics (and I’m sure FB can provide that…) to judge ‘who’ didn’t show.

    Anyway. Thanks for sharing. How funny. lol.

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  3. Ironic that I click ‘like’ on this post. I’m tempted to share it on facebook, but it’s too long for most people. Cynical. YES!! Fb may be for us old people but they are often the people with money, experience, ability to actually do something. Which they don’t. Big on sympathy though & ‘share this if you really care’. I hate it, because it’s no longer enough.
    And yes I speak from a position of strength cos I am doing something. It’s very easy to do what’s in front of you, actually use the physical body to act!!
    The UN can do nothing about Syria. Imagine if everyone mobilised like the Black Lives Matter movement. We could be the ‘Lives matter’ movement. And we could blockade arms factories, who knows what we could do en masse…

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  4. I also ‘liked’ this post in an ironic act of ‘clicktivism’! People often say one thing and do another. Some have argued that chalking messages of support on the pavement is meaningless without real action.

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