Why Philosophy is the Secret to The Good Life

In this clip Jules Evans reveals the plague of mental struggles & illnesses of youth. In doing so, he explains how his discovery of ancient philosophy became a therapy which Taught him the skills and tools to put life in perspective and overcome his fierce anxiety and insecurity.

This life experience has led him to the conclusion that philosophy should not be reserved to the books of academia but should be a core element of the human experience and accessible to all in society.


  1. “…philosophy should not be reserved to the books of academia but should be a core element of the human experience and accessible to all in society.”

    I don’t even have to listen to this to say “Amen”.

    Liberal Studies needs to return to the school system. Teach people HOW to think (not “What”), and WHY the infrastructure we have is in place and WHERE it came from (and thus, how it works)… and you have a competent and informed populace.

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    • Absolutely, certainly there’s a fear that younger generations are growing up complacent on
      “right answers” and “wrong answers” on moral questions without learning and questioning things through some form of conceptual analysis

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  2. I think we’ve been losing that connection for longer than the younger generations have been around. It’s just that now, we are finally at a tipping point, where we are seeing the real-life causal relationship between a lack of an ability for ‘those in power’ to think logically, rationally, and be self-aware.

    The 2 main factors at play being… 1) Liberal Studies (Latin, Philosophy, etc) were removed from the public school system in the US starting in the 1880’s (this was an anti-Catholic movement just as much as it was snobbery against ‘lower class’ kids being able to comprehend such high ideals). And 2) The Internet Revolution, or whatever they are calling it now. Now, in a way, EVERYONE has access to information and ideas, instantly, and we can sway opinions and create memes and well, you get the idea. Ideas are flowing, which is GREAT, but we have a population that is ill-equipped to COMPREHEND what they see.

    I apologize if that sounds like snobbery. I don’t mean it that way, but it is what it is…


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