I Began to Succeed Once I Stopped Thinking

Varun Agarwal was a typical young adult. Relatively smart in school and pushed by his family to study at university “a degree that will get you a high paying job”. He studied engineering yet hated it and eventually started failing in University.

Here, Varun shares his fascinating story of freeing himself from the anguish of over thinking everything that could possibly go wrong if he took a leap of faith and followed his own path to success.  He discusses how he developed the mantra “don’t think”, defied his family wishes and started his own journey to founding India’s largest college merchandise company and becoming a bestselling author.


Published by

Conor Boyle

Law graduate Trinity College Dublin 2017; Editorial & Marketing at Intelligence Squared. All views expressed here are my own! If you'd like to write for The Conversation Room email: boylec4@tcd.ie

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