Why Religion Exists

In this clip The School of Life discusses how & why religion exists. It delves into the human need to know where we came from and whether religion which is declining in many Western societies, will stand the test of time.

3 thoughts on “Why Religion Exists

  1. I took notes. lol.

    I wrote, but could not spell, the word “equanimity”. I think it meant that I thought that the video was presented very balanced. But still made the argument that religion is necessary in some form or other.

    Have you read “The Physicist and the Philosopher”? Brilliant book. Explains how AND when philosophy and the sciences parted ways. (We need philosophy, probably more than we need religion…)

    Luther? They didn’t mention the strife within the Catholic Church itself. I think it’s important to note that event, and the schisms that happened… but that’s just me.

    Dawkins. My, my… he was up to no good. I always worry that I will end up doing something equally damaging when I speak up about my worldviews… so I can’t really judge past that. lol.

    Thanks for the distraction… now, back to studying for mid-terms. Ugh.

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