Why Artificial Intelligence is No Joke

Neuroscientist & Public Intellectual Sam Harris breaks down the very real threat of A.I to human beings.

In explaining intelligence as information processing and discussing how Nation States “race to technology” he explores what the world would look like in 30 years with developed A.I. A robotic being capable of downloading and processing information on the Internet in nanoseconds?

Further, he examines our psyche with Science Fiction. And how any emotional response from the general public to take AI seriously as a threat is hard to fathom.

A. Must. Watch. 😀👍


4 comments on “Why Artificial Intelligence is No Joke

  1. Well this is spooky- I was quite literally just having a conversation about this- thanks for sharing!

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  2. I will watch this later – but many Sci-fi writers agree that Ai is the biggest threat to the human race. There will always be survivors after wars and plagues. But something more intelligent in control of us is always dangerous.

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  3. Just watched this and it echoes my thoughts entirely

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  4. The question should be – “how can we become smarter to avoid such outcome? What should be the first step to take in this direction?”


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