Who are You in the Deepest Sense?

Strip it all back. Ethnicity, religion, nationality, name, age – who are you? Not what but who?

Prince EA is a hugely popular modern thinker. In this segment he professes incredible insight into internal strife and its relation to the cycles of violence & war.

Watch this video in full for something that will definitely have you thinking long after.

7 thoughts on “Who are You in the Deepest Sense?

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this…. This guy is brilliant. I’ve probably said this more times than I can count, but the ‘problems’ with race, have nothing to do with race, and everything to do with socio-economic status and culture. We’ve been brainwashed. Amen.


  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing! I think that’s the ultimate solution as well…I just worry that it will take so long that we’ll have done too much damage by then. It seems that a lot of things have to happen in each life for people to be ready to do that work…

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  3. to me , Prince Ea speaks about living mindfully and with conscious and not be gullible to the popular belief out there Instead, cultivate looking within ourselves and understanding ourselves to find ‘ inner peace’ and happiness . He’s talking about each individual seeking out those time tested truths that all great religions … Christianity, Islam ….and great philosophies like Bhuddism speak of . Then the world could be a different place . As he says’ what do you lose’ . And who can do it except yourself … knowing about yourself , who you are?

    Who said ”The journey to a 1000 places start with one first step’ ?

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