Who are You in the Deepest Sense?

Strip it all back. Ethnicity, religion, nationality, name, age – who are you? Not what but who?

Prince EA is a hugely popular modern thinker. In this segment he professes incredible insight into internal strife and its relation to the cycles of violence & war.

Watch this video in full for something that will definitely have you thinking long after.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this…. This guy is brilliant. I’ve probably said this more times than I can count, but the ‘problems’ with race, have nothing to do with race, and everything to do with socio-economic status and culture. We’ve been brainwashed. Amen.


  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing! I think that’s the ultimate solution as well…I just worry that it will take so long that we’ll have done too much damage by then. It seems that a lot of things have to happen in each life for people to be ready to do that work…

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  3. to me , Prince Ea speaks about living mindfully and with conscious and not be gullible to the popular belief out there Instead, cultivate looking within ourselves and understanding ourselves to find ‘ inner peace’ and happiness . He’s talking about each individual seeking out those time tested truths that all great religions … Christianity, Islam ….and great philosophies like Bhuddism speak of . Then the world could be a different place . As he says’ what do you lose’ . And who can do it except yourself … knowing about yourself , who you are?

    Who said ”The journey to a 1000 places start with one first step’ ?

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