“I Don’t Vote With My Vagina” – Why You Should Vote on Policy & Not Identity Politics

Susan Sarandon speaks to BBC Newsnight on why she’s not backing Hillary Clinton in the Presidential election.

In this eloquent interview, Sarandon discusses the importance of voting your values not your fears and why she is backing Green Party Candidate Jill Stein for President.

“I don’t Vote with my Vagina” was her response when asked would she not be proud of having a first woman President, stating “I want the First Woman President to be the right Woman.”

Voicing what many millennials and progressives have said: Hillary voted for the Iraq war, The Patriot Act, lobbied for TPP 45 times, promoted fracking throughout the world and received huge donations from corporate institutions, including $600,000 for a speech at Goldman Sachs.

Sarandon believes a vote for the Third Party is a vote for the future and Americans are tired of voting for the lesser Evil.

This is a thought provoking analysis of a view that has gotten very little platform, the idea that the issues that actually matter to people are not being addressed in the election by either candidate and a third party vote is a vote for the future.

This is epitomised by her line:  “It’s important to remember, Abraham Lincoln was a third party candidate” 

10 thoughts on ““I Don’t Vote With My Vagina” – Why You Should Vote on Policy & Not Identity Politics

  1. I am surprised Ms. Sarandon will not vote for Clinton but not at all surprised she would not vote for Trump. I personally had been supporting Mr. Carson because, to me, he had the leading qualification to be not just a leader but a good leader and that is to love this country. And while I do completely understand Ms. Sarandon’s position, I find it unwarranted to use such crudity to illustrate her point. What defines me as a women is not my genitals, rather I believe a woman is defined by the strength of poise, dignity and compassion that only a woman can naturally maintain and I do not see those attributes in Hillary.

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  2. Thank you! My woman’s studies professor published an article about why she is a socialist and voting for Hillary – essentially saying that doing so is important for symbolic purposes. This view is garbage and completely overlooks the fact that Bernie was more of a feminist than HRC and Jill would make an excellent first woman president

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  3. Bernie is not running and backs Hillary. I would respect more the opinions of dissenters who actually knew how to research and actually did the research, difficult as that is to sort through the nonsense, to formulate an opinion. But I feel pretty confident most don’t. As a writer, English professor and mother of two daughters, I feel pretty strongly that a vote for anyone but Clinton is a vote against myself and my daughters as women and human beings. Sarandon and others not voting Hillary just because… Whatever…erroneously believe this is a normal election of politics as usual. She/they are sadly mistaken. You just have to look around and read beyond Facebook to know that.

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