Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Feelings 

In this clip The School of Life explore the importance of Skepticism and critical thinking. 

Taking the example of how a lack of sleep can often impact our mood and make us feel far more angry and despondent than usual. The capacity to think that a a lack of sleep rather than a burgeoning resentment for the world may be the source of the issue is an important life skill. 


2017 Law graduate at Trinity College Dublin. Editorial intern at Music, Politics and Culture Magazine Hot Press and founder of The Conversation Room. If you'd like to become a contributing writer email: dreamersthatdo2016@gmail.com

3 comments on “Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Feelings 

  1. This makes so much sense. At first I thought it was about not following intuition, but it’s more about perception and reality.

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  2. This video is intriguing.

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