Why Populism Bit Back 

Professor Mark Blyth analyses the fall of neoliberalism and the global financial crisis. Giving a poignant and comprehensive argument as to why the stagnating economic conditions and austerity allowed the populism of Podemos, Brexit and Trump to thrive.

3 comments on “Why Populism Bit Back 

  1. tcriggs

    Wow. Lots to talk about. I’ll be sharing this one… with whomever will listen. lol

    (Are there any training videos on how to recognize populist ideology in politicians? I’m tired of trying to explain how Sanders was just as much a populist as Trump… and likely more so! 🙄)



  2. Interesting. A more comprehensive perspective on populism can be found here, titled “Populism and the ‘Masters of Mankind” also on WordPress.

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