Naomi Klien On Trump And The Climate Clock

In this fascinating conversation, Guardian writer Owen Jones picks the accomplished, hyper intelligent Naomi Klien’s brain on the future of civilisation.

Speaking from her book (which I highly recommend) ‘No is not enough’ Klien aptly describes why oppositional politics is dead.

“It’s not good enough to be anti Trump, to say Brexit is worse than staying in the EU full-stop” 

There needs to be a compelling vision of a better future conveyed. Something Clinton  and Cameron had no credibility to expound after years of supporting and implementing the very policies which have led to global terror, income inequality and environmental destruction.

Part of the success of Corbyn & Sanders is the vision they convey beyond a preservation of the neoliberal status quo economy. They want health care to be a right not a privilege, environmental preservation and renewable energy seen as a necessity not just a good idea.

In exemplifying the most corrosive and repulsive elements of our current version of capitalism in such vulgar, brazen fashion Trump has helped galvanise people around the idea that only radical change can prevent climate catastrophe. And that requires designing economy that goes beyond perpetual economic growth and the exploitation of the natural environment for ruthless profit.


whatever your political inclination, Klien here offers a truly compelling conversation with ideas worthy of consideration.

3 thoughts on “Naomi Klien On Trump And The Climate Clock

  1. People galvanizing behind a common enemy will only get you so far, Trump’s idiocy when it comes to climate change has made the Chinese seem centrist and a voice of reason, when we line up behind communist states in search of common sense I fear we’ve already lost it.


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