Why You Shouldn’t Be A Blogger

A beautiful short on the internal struggle of every creative.


Thinking you’re not good enough is something nearly every writer experiences. From thinking ‘what’s the point’ to ‘I’m just not talented enough’ , overcoming our internal doubts is often half the creative process.

Filmmaker and founder of DSLR Guide Simon Cade has unveiled a brilliant short video on overcoming our artistic insecurities and being resilient writers. Shot with the camera looking up at the gloomy grey clouds while handwritten text mirrors the narrator’s dialogue, it is a captivating arrangement which captures the journey of becoming confident and comfortable with your work.

Check out ‘Why You Shouldn’t Be An Artist’ below:



6 comments on “Why You Shouldn’t Be A Blogger

  1. Sorry to be a nudge, but you have a grammatical error in your first sentence. I like your premise, but it’s hard to take a writer seriously when the first paragraph is flawed.

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  2. Fortunately I’m not plagued by self doubt, maybe it’s age, maybe it’s experience but the further I go through this life the more I realise that I think what I think, and whilst I’m receptive to new evidence you’re never truly free until you can shut out external dissent. It’s only when you’re free of self doubt that you’re free to create.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this excellent food for thought 🙂

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