Have some ideas you’d like to get off your chest? Want to expand your online presence and engage with other bloggers online?

The Conversation Room has been featuring some great op-eds lately and I’d love people to keep contributing rather than me just giving my opinions and perspective all the time.

We’ve already featured some amazing contributing writers from Kenya to Pakistan, Greece to Spain and are looking to add to the global team.

If interested you can contact us at: dreamersthatdo2016@gmail.com



5 comments on “CALL FOR WRITERS

  1. I’d be interested. Are there any topics you’re really looking to get op-eds on right now?

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  2. I’d also love to contribute, I’m trying to get more comfortable blogging as well.

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  3. Thak you good post!


  4. Thanks for following my new Daoist blog. You may also be interested in my general blog (mostly book reviews) reviewsviewsinterviews.wordpress.com and my family stories blog imaginedfamilyhistories.wordpress.com

    I think your blog is a great place for an exchange of ideas and thoughts.

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  5. hey man, sounds interesting to me. I am just restarting my blog with a new scope.


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