Angrynomics: Why The World is So Angry

Why are measures of stress and anxiety on the rise, when economists and politicians tell us we have never had it so good? While statistics tell us that the vast majority of people are getting steadily richer the world most of us experience day-in and day-out feels increasingly uncertain, unfair, and ever more expensive.

In this video podcast Professor Mark Blyth and Eric Lonergan speak to economist and broadcaster Linda Yueh about their new book ‘Angrynomics’ and how we can begin to make things better.

One thought on “Angrynomics: Why The World is So Angry

  1. The idea of a “data dividend” is interesting, but it has the same problem as a universal basic income, and adds a problem of its own.

    The biggest problem with UBI is that people want to feel needed. UBI amounts to saying, “society has no use for you, you have nothing to offer, but here’s a check to keep you from starving.” The Talmud says that to shame people in public is like spilling their blood: figuratively, UBI would do that.

    To its recipients, a data dividend would differ from a UBI only by saying, “society has no use for you, but data about you is valuable, so here’s a check for the data to keep you from starving.” The dividend would also pass through the hands of a middle-man (government) which, if history is any guide, would take an increasing cut of the proceeds.

    As for why people in Western countries are angry, one reason is that they have so little to be angry about. As I wrote in my book Why Sane People Believe Crazy Things:

    “We are not merely thinking machines. We are full-blooded human beings, with energy, drives, and passions that we need to exercise on meeting challenges and solving problems. Without them, we would stagnate in mediocrity.

    That’s why people in prosperous countries react to trivial problems as if they were earth-shaking, life-or-death struggles. They have no real life-or-death struggles, but they need them: it’s part of being human … Where is the great challenge we can overcome, the invincible monster we can defeat, the intolerable wrong we can set right?”

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