Our society both demands and values intensity. Emma Seppälä discusses how being motivated and adrenaline rushed is seen as highly important in our working lives. However, without downtime this can damage our health and immune system.  In this fantastic clip, she demonstrates a simple breathing technique to help calm your nervous system and alleviate the symptoms and build up factors of stress. Try it and … Continue reading Stressed?

Appreciating Milestones And Saying Thank You.

  It’s important to appreciate the little things. That’s why I wanted to take a brief moment to thank everyone who is engaging, commenting and contributing to The Conversation Room. In a short space of time, we’ve had some incredible articles on some really interesting topics and sparked real, mannerly debate without descending into anger and trolling which is unfortunately so common in media these … Continue reading Appreciating Milestones And Saying Thank You.

3 Myths Holding Back Your Genius

Author Tim Sandors debunks the three most important and common myths about being a creative genius, arguing that if you are following these myths you are setting yourself up for for failure. these include: 1. The myth of the lone wolf inventor 2. The myth of the “eureka” moment 3. The myth of the expert This is a thought provoking analysis on ways to maximise … Continue reading 3 Myths Holding Back Your Genius