Why Public Confidence in Institutions is Eroding – Stanford Professor

Stanford Law & Political Science professor Francis Fukuyama discusses the ways in which the institutions of the 20th century Churches, Political Parties & Corporations have lost the trust of the general public.

Recognizing the significance of technology, Fukuyama argues this has made the malpractices from institutions more visible and accessible to the public. He further ponders the consequences of instant media on societal cohesion.

Can institutions regain our trust? Or what must happen to prevent societal breakdown and a post truth age?

Why The Left is Failing Everywhere

Slavoj Zizek discusses the demise of the Left and the rise of fascism. Exploring how the dismissal of Trump and condescending, smug attitudes adopted by liberal elites was fuel to the Trump fire.

He further describes how the Left can transform and calibrate into something which offers something radically alternative and  exciting for people rather than status quo.


Who are You in the Deepest Sense?

Strip it all back. Ethnicity, religion, nationality, name, age – who are you? Not what but who?

Prince EA is a hugely popular modern thinker. In this segment he professes incredible insight into internal strife and its relation to the cycles of violence & war.

Watch this video in full for something that will definitely have you thinking long after.

Why You Must Embrace Uncertainty

If you could dream any dream you desired eventually you would dream exactly what your life is now.

In this incredible parable, Watts analyses uncertainty, risk and the exhilaration of the Unknown.

Why Philosophy is the Secret to The Good Life

In this clip Jules Evans reveals the plague of mental struggles & illnesses of youth. In doing so, he explains how his discovery of ancient philosophy became a therapy which Taught him the skills and tools to put life in perspective and overcome his fierce anxiety and insecurity.

This life experience has led him to the conclusion that philosophy should not be reserved to the books of academia but should be a core element of the human experience and accessible to all in society.

Why Religions & Dictators Hate being Made Fun Of

“Question something enough and you’ll begin to doubt it”

Humour and satire are incredibly powerful mediums for exposing the powerful. One only has to look from President Erdogan of Turkey demanding the arrest of a German comedian for a sketch, Kim Jong Un banning satire in North Korea or religious police attacking free thinkers for “blasphemy” across the globe, satire is the weapon of the powerless against the powerful.

In a light hearted way it asks people to question assumptions and dogma in their society. The BBC’s “Monty Python & The Holy Grail” was a beautiful illustration of how simply by humanising religious figures and stories one can examine religion from a different angle and question the authority of Church in society.

In this piece Bassem Youssef discusses his experience in Egypt as a comedian discussing the triple assault on comedy: Social Media Judgement, Religion, And Fascist Regimes.