Naomi Klien On Trump And The Climate Clock

In this fascinating conversation, Guardian writer Owen Jones picks the accomplished, hyper intelligent Naomi Klien’s brain on the future of civilisation.

Speaking from her book (which I highly recommend) ‘No is not enough’ Klien aptly describes why oppositional politics is dead.

“It’s not good enough to be anti Trump, to say Brexit is worse than staying in the EU full-stop” 

There needs to be a compelling vision of a better future conveyed. Something Clinton  and Cameron had no credibility to expound after years of supporting and implementing the very policies which have led to global terror, income inequality and environmental destruction.

Part of the success of Corbyn & Sanders is the vision they convey beyond a preservation of the neoliberal status quo economy. They want health care to be a right not a privilege, environmental preservation and renewable energy seen as a necessity not just a good idea.

In exemplifying the most corrosive and repulsive elements of our current version of capitalism in such vulgar, brazen fashion Trump has helped galvanise people around the idea that only radical change can prevent climate catastrophe. And that requires designing economy that goes beyond perpetual economic growth and the exploitation of the natural environment for ruthless profit.


whatever your political inclination, Klien here offers a truly compelling conversation with ideas worthy of consideration.


How Corporations Bought Our Democracy

This riveting documentary records the birth of the post World War economic order to the financial crisis of 2008 and draws striking comparisons between the fall of the Roman Empire and our time now.

The Roman empire ended in a period of decadence, when power and money was concentrated to the few. The Four Horseman shows how our global debt-based economy, rigged financial system and private control of resources signals the end of Empire and the end of Western civilisation.

This is not a Marxist or Socialist film but features former heads of the IMF and World Bank who explain clearly the systemic and rudimentary faults of our system of money and government.

You can watch the full documentary online here: 


Harvard Professor Explains Why Finance Doesn’t Work

Mihir Desai professor at Harvard Business School discusses how the world of finance has become broken and corrupted by indifference and greed.

In this clip he argues that while general dislike and animosity towards finance is mostly justified, financial services and investment are industries we cannot live without.

Whether it be saving to go to college, grow businesses or the ability to purchase home finance is central to helping manage society. According to Desai, energy must be directed towards fixing the industry so that it is focused on value creation for people rather than value extraction for bankers.

This is an interesting discussion and poses some difficult questions as to the capacity to change the global neoliberal system in which the worlds 8 richest people have as much wealth as half the worlds population

What Makes A Video Go Viral?

What makes a video go viral? Is it a formula or is it just something elusive and unpredictable? trying to make content that will go viral can be a dangerous game for content creators, limiting their creativity or trying to tailor their talents to what they think people like, rather than just trusting their gut with what is actually good content.

Unfortunately we have an online system that prioritizes vitality over quality. Videos such as “Charlie bit my finger” or the salt bae meme show that these things are almost impossible to predict and that trends change often, if you become good at what you like, it is likely the trend will follow you rather than the other way around.

Why Science is Bigger Than Politics

Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses the ignominious dismissal of science in the political arena. Arguing that if those in power think that science is just an opinion and begin to implement policy and legislation in that vein, then that is beginning of the unravelling of an informed democracy.

If the scientific method is reduced to something that people think is an opinion and is thought to be a partisan issue. Tyson argues this is a fundamental misconception of what science is and why it works. And how this mistrust shows the poor standards of the american education system. There is legitimate scepticism on scientific claims due its funding and the vested interests in the carrying out of the research and then there is flagrant denial of scientific consensus based on nothing but feeling.

This is an engaging and lively monologue which touches on the american political climate and the mistrust in science without evidence to refute scientific claims.


Stand Your Ground And Fight 

I am in a genuine state of hurt and dismay but not surprise at the news of the election. I have said since The DNC disingenuously made Hillary the candidate that I didn’t think she would beat Trump.

This article is a great summation. We must now more than ever unite around Progressive politics and the movements that unite us:

“If Trump is a fascist, as liberals often said, Democrats should have put in their strongest player to stop him, not a party hack they’d chosen becauseit was her turn. 

Choosing her indicated either that Democrats didn’t mean what they said about Trump’s riskiness, that their opportunism took precedence over the country’s well-being, or maybe both.”

“I Don’t Vote With My Vagina” – Why You Should Vote on Policy & Not Identity Politics

Susan Sarandon speaks to BBC Newsnight on why she’s not backing Hillary Clinton in the Presidential election.

In this eloquent interview, Sarandon discusses the importance of voting your values not your fears and why she is backing Green Party Candidate Jill Stein for President.

“I don’t Vote with my Vagina” was her response when asked would she not be proud of having a first woman President, stating “I want the First Woman President to be the right Woman.”

Voicing what many millennials and progressives have said: Hillary voted for the Iraq war, The Patriot Act, lobbied for TPP 45 times, promoted fracking throughout the world and received huge donations from corporate institutions, including $600,000 for a speech at Goldman Sachs.

Sarandon believes a vote for the Third Party is a vote for the future and Americans are tired of voting for the lesser Evil.

This is a thought provoking analysis of a view that has gotten very little platform, the idea that the issues that actually matter to people are not being addressed in the election by either candidate and a third party vote is a vote for the future.

This is epitomised by her line:  “It’s important to remember, Abraham Lincoln was a third party candidate”