China Enter Syria on Assad’s Side: Is This A World War?

At what point does Syria become a World War?

News has emerged today that China has joined a tripartite alliance with Russia & Iran to prevent the fall of Assad in the up until now secular and relatively stable Damascus. China has its own fears that the chaos of jihadist factions ruling various clusters of Syria, would become birth grounds for instability, may spill over to Russia & even lead to major trouble with separatist movements in China itself.

Questions have been raised as to whether Syria has become  a Third World War. When examining the power dynamics of The United States, Saudi & Israel on one side with China, Russia & Iran on the other, the internationalization of the conflict is of grave concern.

If diplomatic solution was not already an immediate necessity it certainly is even more so now.

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Science of Immortality Within Sight

A new heart and liver grown with your own cells bolstered with a new subscription of anti-ageing drugs. Is this the future must-have 70th birthday present for the wealthy? Imagine celebrating Seventy in style by running a 10 km race followed by chugging a pitcher of beer like you were 19 again.

This reality could be within sight. The science of aging and anti senescence has grown exponentially in the last decade, with rising life expectancies mirroring these medical advances.

The world of immortality may not yet be on offer but certainly scientists are in touching distance of expanding life expectancy well into the 120’s.

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“The UK Is Finished” – Peter Hitchens

In this excellent interview, Guardian columnist Owen Jones talks to Conservative commentator Peter Hitchens on socialism, politics and his late brother Christopher.

This is a thought provoking discussion between two people at opposite ends of the political spectrum who surprisingly realise they have much in common.

The App Economy: A Vicious Assault on Workers Rights

From Uber to Air BnB the App economy has been embroiled in litigation tearing the hair out of judges and legislatures alike. Their attempt to distance themselves from the legal expectations of traditional companies has left much to be loopholed in today’s workers rights legislation.

In this excellent, original piece New Statesman document the controversy over the food delivery app Deliveroo and how the company has tried to cut costs and wages in a new innovative way.

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Sex, Slavery & Drugs In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the few Muslim Countries where prostitution is ‘legal’. Yet the industry remains entirely unregulated. Vice News delves into the infamous brothel town of Daulatdia in this short, riveting documentary.




“The Current Animal Holocaust Is Worse Than Any Human Holocaust in History”

Controversial Vegan & Animal Rights Advocate Gary Yourofsky debates the ethics of Slaughterhouses & Global Animal Industries on Israeli Television.

Power to The Consumer: How Social Media Changed Music Forever

As I discussed in another media outlet in 2014 It’s hard to believe that only five years ago consumers were forking out $15 for an artists album of 11 tracks. With today’s streaming industry, services such as Spotify have given us access to unlimited libraries of music for as little as $8 p/m. This shift in power from industry to consumer is seismic. And now artists are changing their approach too..

Jacob Whitesides is emblematic of a new generation. A musician who funds his entire career – records, tours & travel – through social media.


Has the Milennial Age signalled the end for the classic Record Label? Or will the industry short circuit this developing phenomenon?