The App Economy: A Vicious Assault on Workers Rights

From Uber to Air BnB the App economy has been embroiled in litigation tearing the hair out of judges and legislatures alike. Their attempt to distance themselves from the legal expectations of traditional companies has left much to be loopholed in today’s workers rights legislation.

In this excellent, original piece New Statesman document the controversy over the food delivery app Deliveroo and how the company has tried to cut costs and wages in a new innovative way.

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Power to The Consumer: How Social Media Changed Music Forever

As I discussed in another media outlet in 2014 It’s hard to believe that only five years ago consumers were forking out $15 for an artists album of 11 tracks. With today’s streaming industry, services such as Spotify have given us access to unlimited libraries of music for as little as $8 p/m. This shift in power from industry to consumer is seismic. And now artists are changing their approach too..

Jacob Whitesides is emblematic of a new generation. A musician who funds his entire career – records, tours & travel – through social media.


Has the Milennial Age signalled the end for the classic Record Label? Or will the industry short circuit this developing phenomenon?



Everything You Need to Know About TTIP


In this brilliant delivery, Green Party candidate David Malone elegantly & honestly explains the disastrous & distressing repercussions of the proposed US-EU TTIP trade agreement.