What Would Elon Musk Be Working On If He Was 22?

Inventor, Entrepreneur and Englineer discusses what he views as the most important work to be doing if he was a young person in 2017.

Musk has been at the centre of the conversation around artificial intelligence and sustainable energy consumption over the past 15 years. He is ranked the 21st most influential people in the world and his current company SpaceX are working on a project to eventually allow humans to colonise Mars.


3 Myths Holding Back Your Genius

Author Tim Sandors debunks the three most important and common myths about being a creative genius, arguing that if you are following these myths you are setting yourself up for for failure.

these include:

1. The myth of the lone wolf inventor

2. The myth of the “eureka” moment

3. The myth of the expert

This is a thought provoking analysis on ways to maximise creativity & not be your own worst enemy


The Two Surprising Qualities of Successful Writers

Novelist Jonathan Safran Foer beautifully dissects the mythology surrounding writers block. “In my experience my students and fellow writers rarely lack creative ideas but more often develop a sense of not caring or not being emotionally invested in their ideas.”

His plethora of experience offers an interesting perspective on how imagination should trump efficiency and how some of the best writers he knows wrote books which were entirely different to what they originally intended to write about.

A must watch for anyone interested in the processes of art and creativity.