When A Desi Girl Goes to University

Rabia Khan writes on the everyday difficulties of university life for women in the sub-continent.    ‘My mom asked me to send her a picture of what I was wearing.’  All of us flinch.  ‘OMG, same.’ More flinching. ‘What did you do?’ ‘I stopped replying.’ All of us laugh. I can’t say if this is something all girls living away from home at university experience but … Continue reading When A Desi Girl Goes to University

The Fight for Fairness

Author: Revels Once upon a very British time, when the crown ruled quite a lot of the world, there lay in Asia, a country famous for its heat and spices – India, a majestic land with a thrilling history of battle, love and trade. At one time or another, the different groups that resided within or without it had ruled India, although usually partially, some factions … Continue reading The Fight for Fairness

What Should Indian Feminism Look Like?

Author: K. Phani Krishna The following article is divided into 4 points. This article is my take on what feminism should be in India right now. Feminism much like the word politics has been misused and misinterpreted a lot nowadays and it’s not a good thing. What is Feminism? According to google, Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality … Continue reading What Should Indian Feminism Look Like?