Stop Thinking You Need Motivation.

Mel Robbins in this interview for Impact Theory explains why she believes motivation to be a debilitating concept which holds people back. She argues that people get fixated with the idea that “one day” they will do the things they really want to do and all that is missing is courage and motivation.

In reality however, it will always be difficult to do things which create risk in our lives and this belief in motivation contradicts the way in which are brains are designed.




Why Religions & Dictators Hate being Made Fun Of

“Question something enough and you’ll begin to doubt it”

Humour and satire are incredibly powerful mediums for exposing the powerful. One only has to look from President Erdogan of Turkey demanding the arrest of a German comedian for a sketch, Kim Jong Un banning satire in North Korea or religious police attacking free thinkers for “blasphemy” across the globe, satire is the weapon of the powerless against the powerful.

In a light hearted way it asks people to question assumptions and dogma in their society. The BBC’s “Monty Python & The Holy Grail” was a beautiful illustration of how simply by humanising religious figures and stories one can examine religion from a different angle and question the authority of Church in society.

In this piece Bassem Youssef discusses his experience in Egypt as a comedian discussing the triple assault on comedy: Social Media Judgement, Religion, And Fascist Regimes.