Professor Decimates US Politicians on Taxing the Poor over Billionaires


I’ve featured Professor Mark Blyth a number of times here. In this wonderful clip he eloquently explains why The U.S government:

“does not have a spending problem it has a revenue problem.

Blyth magnificently debunks myths around U.S debt, government spending and the reasons for exponential growth in wealth inequality.

Why when Corporate profits have never been higher, the banks have been bailed out by the workers yet their million dollar bonuses sore is providing people with healthcare when they’re sick such a controversial, extreme idea?

One startling statistic shows just how much the rich have gotten richer.  Forbes Rich list’s richest person in the US was worth $2 billion in 1982, in 2015 the richest person in the US is worth $76 billion. While over 50% of Americans (150 million people) earn less than $30,000 a year

We have seen the largest transfer of wealth from the average citizen to the top 0.1% in human history.


Why I’d Vote For Corbyn

Professor Noam Chomsky speaks to BBC Newsnight to discuss the anger which has raged across the Middle and Working Classes of Western democracies since the economic collapse in 2008.

Discussing the roots of the anger, the rise of far right nationalism as well as the optimistic signs of youth galvanisation around progressive policies on climate change and income inequality – Chomsky discusses why he would vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the UK general election in the context of Brexit.

This is a riveting interview from one of the words best known progressive public intellectuals and gives some interesting insights into the global order and future of western democracy.

How Do The Left Beat Populism?

Author, commentator and journalist Owen Jones discusses his views on the major failings of left wing politics globally and how they can overcome the populist right which has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Why The Left is Failing Everywhere

Slavoj Zizek discusses the demise of the Left and the rise of fascism. Exploring how the dismissal of Trump and condescending, smug attitudes adopted by liberal elites was fuel to the Trump fire.

He further describes how the Left can transform and calibrate into something which offers something radically alternative and  exciting for people rather than status quo.


Everything You Need to Know About TTIP


In this brilliant delivery, Green Party candidate David Malone elegantly & honestly explains the disastrous & distressing repercussions of the proposed US-EU TTIP trade agreement.