The Two Surprising Qualities of Successful Writers

Novelist Jonathan Safran Foer beautifully dissects the mythology surrounding writers block. “In my experience my students and fellow writers rarely lack creative ideas but more often develop a sense of not caring or not being emotionally invested in their ideas.”

His plethora of experience offers an interesting perspective on how imagination should trump efficiency and how some of the best writers he knows wrote books which were entirely different to what they originally intended to write about.

A must watch for anyone interested in the processes of art and creativity.


Why You Must Be Made To Feel Uncomfortable

In this short clip for Big Think comedy genius John Cleese, most famous for writing and starring in the BBC’s Monty Python describes the demise of journalism and tyranny of “being offended” culture in suggesting that people should be shielded from questions or ideas contrary to their own.

Cleese speaks of the danger of a new generation growing up believing they should never feel offended or have their values questioned. However, he believes it is only by constantly challenging authority & mainstream thought that society achieves equitable nuance and grows constructively toward justice, otherwise unchallenged opinion becomes regressive, tedious dogma.