Stop Thinking You Need Motivation.

Mel Robbins in this interview for Impact Theory explains why she believes motivation to be a debilitating concept which holds people back. She argues that people get fixated with the idea that “one day” they will do the things they really want to do and all that is missing is courage and motivation.

In reality however, it will always be difficult to do things which create risk in our lives and this belief in motivation contradicts the way in which are brains are designed.




Why Religion Exists

In this clip The School of Life discusses how & why religion exists. It delves into the human need to know where we came from and whether religion which is declining in many Western societies, will stand the test of time.

How to Avoid the Society Trap

Do we live in a world where someone will always have to work a horrendous job they have no connection or interest in? Or can we restructure society and trade back to its roots of individuals contributing and bartering with one another in order to create a symbiotic relationship and community?

Here Joe Rogan analyses the structures of a globalized society in which most people have lost all connection and meaning to their work He argues that so many of us have been forced to sell out on doing something fulfilling in order to have stability.

A thought provoking listen

If You Could Get Back One Moment, What Would It Be?

If there was one moment in your life you could get back.. What would it be?

In this beautiful video, Isolate Productions take to Dublin’s coast to approach people of different ages, nationalities and experiences and ask a simple question. This is an emotionally powerful and philosophically provocative clip which has has a lesson for everyone about life.