Why Universities Are Just A Corporate Conveyor Belt

A Career Fair is a microcosm. A dizzying snapshot into the absurd world of work. Fake smiles, branded ‘gifts’ and the unnaturally perky trainee enlightening you how his internship last summer really gave him an insight into “the culture of the firm” and explaining how he is now “making a global impact” working with multinationals seeking to “restructure their taxes more efficiently.”   The hollow atmosphere and … Continue reading Why Universities Are Just A Corporate Conveyor Belt

There’s no such thing as an ‘Unpaid Intern’

The legal loophole for exploitative labour is expanding at an exponential rate. Remember the days when we used to work for money? Well welcome to the world where you work for experience in the hope that one day you’ll be lucky enough to work for money. That’s the bleak reality for many young people in Ireland today faced with little option beyond unpaid internships, emigration … Continue reading There’s no such thing as an ‘Unpaid Intern’

When A Desi Girl Goes to University

Rabia Khan writes on the everyday difficulties of university life for women in the sub-continent.    ‘My mom asked me to send her a picture of what I was wearing.’  All of us flinch.  ‘OMG, same.’ More flinching. ‘What did you do?’ ‘I stopped replying.’ All of us laugh. I can’t say if this is something all girls living away from home at university experience but … Continue reading When A Desi Girl Goes to University

Why Schools Fail Students

Author: Edducan Charles Ponzi. Bernie Madoff. Benedict Arnold. Richard Nixon. Lance Armstrong. Some copper-bottomed, hall of fame, heavy weight champions of world class liars. Their very names are synonymous with deception, lies, fabrications, flights of fancy and half truths. Notably absent from that list is ‘every school in the UK’. However, and it’s a big ‘however’, this is a catastrophic omission that everyone has been complicit … Continue reading Why Schools Fail Students

Battle of the Ages: Stuck in Reverse

Author: Revels In Pakistan, one’s life revolves around what is socially acceptable or unacceptable. Growing up, a person is expected to agree to whatever he is being told, to comply with whatever decisions are made for him, to silently nod at what the ‘elders’ of the family think is right. Before I start, I’d like to make clear that though the situation is improving somewhat, we … Continue reading Battle of the Ages: Stuck in Reverse

I Began to Succeed Once I Stopped Thinking

Varun Agarwal was a typical young adult. Relatively smart in school and pushed by his family to study at university “a degree that will get you a high paying job”. He studied engineering yet hated it and eventually started failing in University. Here, Varun shares his fascinating story of freeing himself from the anguish of over thinking everything that could possibly go wrong if he took a … Continue reading I Began to Succeed Once I Stopped Thinking

Questioning The Education System

Author: Revels The education system. Going to school, followed by college is thought to be the necessary path to educating a child; without said institutions a person is thought to be uneducated regardless of any other qualities they might have. They might have read books from around the world but the mark of an institution bears heavily on their documents. A friend of mine knew someone … Continue reading Questioning The Education System